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U.S. Might Have To Face 62 MPG Eco Target

The United States president Barack Obama is being pressured by the local environmental groups who want tougher CAFE – Corporate Average Fuel Economy figures that if applied, would require new cars to do 62 mpg (74 mpg UK) by the year 2025. The California Air Resources Board, along with other influential groups from the country, wants to transform this into a law in 2012.

This will have a huge impact not only in the U.S., but also on all of the premium car makers from Europe as they will have to reach that 62 mpg average for the entire lineup of models. If these targets will become a law, just about any car that is bigger than the Volkswagen Golf will have to be either a plug-in hybrid or must feature a range-extender electric drivetrain.

According to some experts within the automotive industry, if this 62 mpg average will become mandatory, a new car will cost between $6,500 and $10,000 more than now. The Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers said that if the prices for cars will go up by 25%, many people working in the car manufacturing industry will lose their jobs.

I don’t think that this law will pass because it is a little bit too drastic and it comes with some considerable downsides. However, this trend will continue in the years to come and all manufacturers will have to come up with more eco-friendly cars and this can only be a good thing, if the prices for these cars will not go up.

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