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Ferrari 599XX gets Evoluzione package

2012 Ferrari 599XX EVO

One of the most exclusive cars ever made, the Ferrari 599FX, has recently received an Evoluzione package that increases the output of the engine by 30 hp for a grand total of 740 hp, while the maxim torque figure is also raised to 516 lb.-ft thanks to the installation of new, freer-flowing side-exhausts.

2012 Ferrari 599XX EVO

This Evoluzione package is available for those 29 clients that had 1.2 million pounds to buy the car and it brings “opening gap” aerodynamics on the rear wing. It has a pair of flaps that open & close in order to adjust the front-aft downforce which balances the handling during high speed cornering.  These flaps are linked to the engine management system and they open and close according to the steering wheel angle, speed and front/side acceleration.

2012 Ferrari 599XX EVO

The downforce was improved considerably thanks to a revised front splitter and the installation of a new rear diffuser that has more surface area. The foot-plates and the fences have also been redesigned for this purpose. According to the Italian automaker, the 599XX fitted with the Evoluzione package gains 440kg of downforce at 124 mph while the flaps are shut and 300kg when they are open.

The price for this package is expected to be of somewhere around 185,000 Euros (about 158,000 pounds).

Source: Ferrari via Autocar | Photos: WCF

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