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Florida Used Car Dealer

An important Florida used car dealer is DriveTime and many people choose to do business with this particular dealership because it offers great financing options. In fact, the DriveTime dealership is specialized in helping people with bad credit to afford a used car and improve their credit history in the process.

This Florida used car dealer is most proud of its staff and of the environment it tries to provide its clients. The employees are trained to be able to help all the clients find a used car that meets their standards and is also financially affordable even if they have bad credit. This dealership expresses its desire to believe in second chances and considers that any person should be given the opportunity to do better and improve his/her financial status.

To be able to offer its clients these opportunities, this Florida used car dealer offers for 99% of the deals in-house financing in order to avoid the problems that those with bad credit might have with getting the necessary financing from a bank or another financial institution. If you don’t want to waste time and find out if you are eligible for the financing you need, you can choose to fill and submit an online application and find the answer in two minutes. If you get a favorable reply the only thing left to do is go to the dealership, seal the deal and drive away in your new used car.

Another feature that differentiates the DriveTime dealership from its competitors is the 53 point inspection they perform on any used car before making it part of one of their lots. That’s how they can assure their clients of the high quality of the used cars they sell. They also offer a warranty for the cars they sell and are willing to help you lower the interest rate. The warranty I mentioned before is in fact a 36 month or 36,000 mile warranty that also includes oil changes and roadside assistance for any used car you decide to buy from a DriveTime dealership. The mechanical and electrical components covered by the used car warranty offered by this Florida used car dealer are many and include the engine, the climate control and the transmission. This warranty is estimated to be worth around $2,500. That’s a lot for any used car owner.

This dealership has many stores located all across Florida in towns like Orlando, Jacksonville and Tampa. All these stores offer used cars in excellent condition and you can rely on the staff that works there to guide you in the right direction. Another important feature of this Florida used car dealership is the fact that offers multiple payment options. Considering how important it’s to not be late on your payments in order to improve your credit history, this is good news. You can choose to pay in person by visiting one of the dealerships they have in Florida, you can pay by mail, by Drop Box, by using DT Autopay (which will make your payments automatically), by phone, electronically, by Western Union or by Money Gram. The possibilities are overwhelming, but it’s always wise to know all the options. Just in case.

This is an example of a Florida used car dealership that you can rely on if you want to buy a reliable used car covered by a generous warranty. This dealership also offers an option for those with bad credit and in need of a second chance. Their many payment methods and the opportunity to get approved for a loan online are great features.


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