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One Response to Jaguar new E-type-1

  1. Marcus Van Steur says:

    I have always been fond of Jaguars; the heritage, the infamous drivers, the quality & finish, attention to detail, et al. The “Jaguar E-Type 1″, as usual for this marqué, is a stunning fusion of man, machine, & aerodynamics.

    I can’t help but notice the similarities in design languages: from the back bumper to just about the front axle, resembles that of a new Chevrolet Corvette; The bulkiness rear flares for the axle, resembles that of a Porsche (928); & the front half a cross between a new Maserati & an Aston Martin (IMO).

    Would I buy this as my personal golfing cart & driver (so-to-speak)? Probably not, as I would go for a BMW M5 instead, & would have to trade in my 2011 Altima coupe (which is by far an amazing car for looks, speed, fuel mileage).

    M.R.Van Steur, BSc,MScP,PEng

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