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Fully-retractable Steering Wheel – from TRW

The automakers constantly try to adapt their products to the market and to the demographic situation of the current population. Consequently, the global leader in active and passive safety TRW has worked at a folding steering wheel concept which retracts into the dashboard. For succeeding doing this, it followed an internal study for future steering wheel requirements. This change actually allows older drivers to easily get in and out of the car and improves interior styling of smaller cars.

“The automotive industry is being influenced by some key factors such as a more active older population and the growth of mega cities. (…) The foldable steering wheel concept is a prime example of technology that allows easier access for elderly people and those faced with mobility challenges.” (Manuel Poyant, development manager, Steering Wheel Systems and Driver Airbag).

In order to retract, the wheel is composed of two smaller handles which fold inward nearly at the same level with the dashboard, whenever the vehicle is shut down. Once the driver gets back into the car, the wheel returns to the initial driving position. In addition to this, it’s great that each driver can pre-set and save its own comfortable position of the wheel.

According to TRW, this change is part of something much bigger: an initiative for an easier driving for people with limited mobility, using voice commands, legible buttons and interfaces too. All those features could be incorporated in an elderly-focused equipment package, starting 2016.

So, do you find such a retractable steering wheel useful on your car?

[Source: Autoblog]

One Response to Fully-retractable Steering Wheel – from TRW

  1. Lana says:

    I think that it is a great idea and not just for the elderly but for everyone. Hope that it comes out sooner than 2016.

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