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Used GEM Car

A GEM car is an electric car, in fact one of the first electric cars that became available on the market and is commercialized by the Global Electric Motorcar Company. This company is in fact a subsidiary of Chrysler that was founded in 1997. The GEM used cars are electric cars with low speeds (around 35 mph and even lower) which can be legally used in all the 50 American states.

If you want to buy a used GEM car you should have an idea of the packages and options available. There is the S Package that includes 9, 8-volt gel batteries that don’t require any maintenance and a cargo carrier that you may find useful. The batteries provided will allow you to drive around 40 miles without having to recharge them while the carrier has a maximum capacity of 440kg. You can also choose the Convenience Package that is focused on accessories meant to provide more comfort: grab handles, mud flaps and not only. There is also a Deluxe Package available for both the exterior and the interior. If you choose this package, the exterior will include hood decals made of chrome, lamps for the license plate and redesigned headlights. For the interior, the Deluxe Package will offer an improved steering wheel and fashionable door mats and upholstery. You can also find option packages that include features from all the packages described above with just one or two differences.

When it comes to the battery used to power the GEM electric car I can tell you that this is a 72 volt car that comes with a built-in charger. That allows you to recharge the batteries easily as long as you have at your disposal a 110 volt outlet. All the car’s accessories (lights, the stereo system) operate at 12 volts. For the battery, 2 configurations are available and the main difference between them is the range and power they provide. One configuration refers to 6, 12 volt gel batteries and is used for the e2, e4, eS and eL models, while the other configuration uses 8, 9 volt batteries you will find on the e6 and eLXD models.

If I got you interested in buying one of these used GEM cars, then you can start looking for one by checking out GEM car dealers and Chrysler dealers. You should especially look for the approved used vehicles that GEM provides its customers. If you buy one of the certified used GEM electric cars you will benefit from 12 months of roadside recovery cover, a 6 months warranty for the parts and repairs (standard) and the option of extending the warranty to up to three years (the price involved is affordable). The GEM Company also offers its clients the possibility to sell their used GEM car. The company will offer purchase options or if you are interested in a private sell the opportunity to advertise your car on their website.

You can choose a GEM used electric car or van. For example, the eLXD electric van can be used on-road, but also off-road or inside a building. It’s equipped with a 7.0hp motor, nine 8Vgel batteries and a flat bed with a cargo capacity of 630 kg. The car’s autonomy is of around 50 miles per charge. In addition, GEM also offers the first electric quad bike which can legally be driven on the road.

A used gem car is definitely a great investment especially if you believe in eco-friendly technologies. Even if the top speed is of only 30 mph, the low running costs are a huge advantage.

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