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Geneva 2011 – ABT Audi A6

ABT Audi A6

Sitting next to the R8 GT S at ABT’s spot in Geneva, is the new tuning program for the Audi A6 (C7). The idea behind this program was to enhance the model’s good looks (like it wasn’t very beautiful already) and for this reason they’ve installed a new spoiler in the front along with a brand new set of aerodynamic side skirts.

ABT Audi A6

Looking at the back of the car you’ll notice the trunk-mounted spoiler, a rear bumper insert and an aggressive four-tailpipe sport exhaust system. They also offer a new selection of rims in sizes from 19 inches, up to 21.

ABT Audi A6

The 3.0-liter TDI power unit available for the standard Audi A6 packs 241 hp (245 PS / 180 kW) and can be fitted by ABT with one of the following two performance packages: “Power” and “Power S”. The first one upgrades the power output to 278 hp (282 PS / 207 kW) while the latter allows the 3.0-liter unit to produce 306 hp (310 PS / 228 kW) and 450 lb.-ft (610 Nm) of torque.

ABT Audi A6

For the model fitted with the 3.0-liter TFSI engine that produces in the standard version 296 hp (300 PS / 221 kW), ABT offers the “Power” package that raises the horsepower figure to 405 hp (410 PS / 302 kW) which is 109 hp (110 PS / 81 kW) than the standard power plant.

Source: ABT via WCF

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