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Ginetta G50 EV – Tesla Roadster Alternative That Never Was

Ginetta G50 EV

It all looked good in the beginning: a full electric sports car with great looks. This two-seater coupe had a high voltage 300V Zytek motor, along with a big lithium-ion battery, allowing it to hit a top speed of 120 mph and achieve a range of 250 miles, which is quite good if you ask me.

Ginetta G50 EV

Pretty impressive figures, but things went wrong quite fast as Ginetta Cars wasn’t capable of attracting the necessary funds to put the all-electric two-seater coupe in production. Until someone comes with the necessary funding, we’ll only see the Ginetta G50 EV in pictures…

Ginetta G50 EV

Source: GreenSupercar | Photos: Autocar


One Response to Ginetta G50 EV – Tesla Roadster Alternative That Never Was

  1. robogo says:

    It looks 1985. That’s why it can’t attract funding.

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