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Green Lamborghini

Lamborghini, the Italian producer of sport cars, launched on 4th March during the auto show in Geneva, the green Lamborghini Gallardo, as we are informed by Times magazine. In this context, green Lamborghini is not the color of this car, it is called green because it is ecological and better for environment protection.

The slighter LP560-4 weights with 20 kg less than the previous version and its engine accelerates from 0 to 62 mph in 3.7 seconds, that means it is a period of saved time of 3 tenths of second. Carbon emissions of the new green Lamborghini Gallardo had been reduced with over 18% and the distance covered with the same quantity of fuel is purposeful bigger. The actual tendencies show that the request for cars friendly with the environment had penetrated the market dedicated to super cars like Lamborghini.

Green Lamborghini

Stephan Winkelman, CEO at Lamborghini declares that being a super car means acceleration and maximum speed. If you want to drive fast you consume and if you consume fuel you have emissions, so you will never get to average emissions of a regular car. This is actually true because a car with this type of engine that can get a very high speed in a short time consumes a lot of fuel and has a lot of emissions no matter how much the producer try to avoid this.

Once Lamborghini had been taken by the Volkswagen group, they want to try to reduce carbon emission up to 40%. The new car is the first update of the Gallardo version after 2003 and will cost almost 146,000 euros without taxes.

Environment is important for car producers and protecting it is more important for all of us because we all need fresh air daily. So green Lamborghini only wants to help our environment to stay clean.

When Lamborghini created the first car, its owner wanted to be the best sport car of all times this is why he preferred to make those cars manually. Even if there prices are very high, the quality of a Lamborghini can’t be compared to other sport cars. Actually, Lamborghini has the best outfit with perfect colors and the spare parts that are used for building this car are guaranteed for life. There is no chance that a Lamborghini to have technical problems or to brake because of technical issues of its components. Usually every model created by Lamborghini has its own color, for example Lamborghini Gallardo is yellow and so on.

For a Lamborghini you don’t need a special color because Lamborghini cars are always a pleasure to be watched and driven no matter what color they have on their body. So changing the color of a Lamborghini will only make the owner feel better because he has on his car the color that he wished for.


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