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Hagerty Car Insurance

Getting an insurance policy from a specialized car insurance company brings a whole lot of advantages to specific drivers that love owning and driving a mean muscle car, an elegant classic or antique car, or a rare/collectible vehicle. These specific companies offer far better coverage than normal insurance companies, not to mention that they are cheaper. There are loads of factors to consider when picking a classic car insurance company. Each company has a series of advantages and drawbacks so it’s important to find the one that suits you the best.

One of the major companies is the Hagerty Classic Car Insurance. They have been covering cars and handling requests from 1991. They are considered to be one of the largest and most reliable of classic car insurance companies. Since they love classic and collector cars themselves (they also collect cars) they understand the importance of a true classic car and know what to offer in order to handle each request with great care and, even more, treat each car and customer like an individual. Their policies offer a whole lot of coverage options fit for any car.

Agree value coverage basically means that you receive the complete amount of money in case your car is completely totaled in an accident. You have a wide range of deductions that starts up from…$0. The single liability charge means that you get smaller premiums in case you insure more than one classic car. The in house claim management means that each claim will be handled by an expert that has been dealing with collector cars for a long time. You get to choose your own repair shop to handle all the interventions upon a car. Instant new purchase coverage offers automatic $50.000 coverage for any car purchased recently for the collection. And finally car show medical reimbursement which means that in case of an accident or any harm that might come to the client or his family members during a car show, they will get medical treatment coverage.

Hagerty Classic Car Insurance gives the clients special policies in case the car is currently undergoing restoration, or you’re using it for business endorsement, they over coverage during shipping overseas and you also get foreign liability in case you need to transport the car for an event overseas. You have the option of purchasing additional coverage for automotive tools, spare parts, and motorcycle equipment. Even more, in case you’re a member of a classic car club, you can special club car coverage for that as well.

But like any insurance company, they won’t cover just about anyone; they have a series of restrictions. For example a driver that has more than two traffic violations will not qualify for insurance. They care too much about the cars to let a driver trash it in an accident and then claim coverage. Also the vehicle cannot be used on daily basis, it can be used for an event or the occasional Sunday drive but if you plan on doing the groceries in your classic 55’ Chevy, than you’d better forget about insurance.

Not only the usage is important but so is the storage. Your car must be always stored in a completely enclosed and locked garage when you don’t drive it. Consider that these insurance companies are paying for all the repairs done to the car so that it looks brand new and old in the same time. So they cannot afford to cover one that’s melting in the scorching son or abused in any other way by weather or other exterior factors.

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