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Honda Car Lease

Honda is one of the car manufacturers that offer competitive car leases for their models. In addition, the terms of a Honda car leases can be as flexible as you wish while the agreement also includes GAP insurance and an Excess Wear and Use Waiver that will help you worry less about the car and enjoy more driving it.

Usually, a Honda car lease offers terms ranging from 24 to 60 months and the possibility to avoid paying a monthly rate through a special program known as “One-Payment Leasing”. In addition, you get to choose your mileage limit (12,000 or 15,000 miles a year) and negotiate extra miles when you sign the agreement if you want to avoid paying a penalty at the end of the lease for the extra miles driven. You will also be glad to know that the GAP insurance is standard as long as you opt for Honda Leadership Leasing. So, if your car is stolen or totaled, you will not have to worry about the money you haven’t yet paid because the GAP insurance will take care of the difference.

The Excess Wear and Use Waiver I mentioned before must have also caught your attention. This feature is offered as part of a Honda Leadership Lease deal and is in fact a policy that will cover the damages suffered by the leased car as result of a single incident if their value ranges between $500 and $1,500. It’s a onetime “favor”, but it’s definitely a plus. You shouldn’t worry about hidden fees either, because all the Honda car leases are free of disposition or purchase-option fees. At the end of the lease, Honda will provide you three options: to buy the car, lease another brand new Honda model or return the vehicle and walk away. As you would expect, flexibility is the key word.

The One-Pay Honda lease is an option, if you want to handle only one single transaction. The avoidance of monthly payments won’t be the only advantage. This car manufacturer is also willing to offer a discount off the qualifying rate as long as you choose to cover the lease through one single payment. So, a One-Pay Honda lease includes a single payment, GAP coverage, the Excess Wear and Use Waiver, lower total cost and some benefits regarding the sales and income tax.

Honda hasn’t forgotten about young drivers, graduates more precisely, either. In fact, they’ve designed a special program called the Honda Graduate Program. Through this program they are willing to offer you the opportunity to lease a new or certified used Honda model of your choice and help you with your finances. To take advantage of their offer you need to be a student that has finished college in the past two years or one that is going to graduate within 4 months. You will be required 5% as minimum down payment, a clean credit history and a proof of employment.

There are also available Honda car leases for certified used Hondas and you will benefit from all the advantages of Honda Leadership Leasing available for new cars. Not only will you benefit from competitive prices and flexible rates, but you will also be sure that the car you lease is reliable because Honda performs a thorough mechanical and appearance check on these cars before certifying them. Also included is a Limited Warranty that protects your leased Honda certified used car. You can also request them to include in your monthly payments the extra cost for the Honda Vehicle Service Contract. That may prove useful at some point.

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