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Indy-Cator LCD Shift Knob

Sometimes some very interesting gadgets show out there and we feel the need to mention it. Now we’ve got a real cool shift knob from the german company Indy-Cator. What makes this knob so special? Well, it has an integrated LCD displays that shows your current gear. Don’t know exactly how useful this is, but you have to admit, it look awesome. The gadget is available in red or blue display and you can get it now for just $169.

Via engadget.

4 Responses to Indy-Cator LCD Shift Knob

  1. chris park says:

    i’m interesting about Indy-Cator LCD Shift Knob. so i want know it can setup on my car(golf 5 gt tdi).

  2. Vlad Balan says:

    For more info, check out the product’s page: http://www.tmtuning.com/HOME/catalog/product_detail.php?default_product=1937

  3. mike says:

    how do i get this shift knob do i have to order and if i do from what company

  4. Gaslock.Sally says:

    This is sally, the markting manager of INDY-CATOR PRODUCTS, please feel free to contact me by email of for details of our LED gear display shift knob

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