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Infiniti M35h ad- 100 years of hybrid technology

Infiniti M35h

Although the hybrid technology incorporated in our cars may seem new, it’s actually something that engineers have been working on for over 1000 years. The first hybrid car was invented in 1888 and the first hybrid patent was completed in 1909.

Infiniti thought of putting all that history together in their new ad for their M35h. The car maker suggests that its vehicle is the top result of a hundred years of evolution and it can give you the best performance money can buy: 360 hp and a 32 mpg fuel consumption.

Our opinion is that the insight was good, but they could’ve spent a little more time over the details. Still, it’s a decent commercial. Watch it below:

YouTube Preview Image

Via Zercustoms.


One Response to Infiniti M35h ad- 100 years of hybrid technology

  1. Randy Rabin says:

    Can you identify the patent shown in the commercial?

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