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James May has survived a Top Gear stunt gone wrong involving a caravan and a baloon

It seems that the creativity of the Top Gear producers knows no bounds, as they recently filmed for the upcoming season of the car show a quite interesting race between Richard Hammond, driving a Lamborghini, and James May “piloting” a caravan attached to a huge inflatable airship, as you can see in the pictures.

But because of strong winds and the fact that the team needed to wrap up the filming that day, James decided to take a chance and try to maneuver it so that it would land at the finishing point, in the cricket field in Eltisley, Cambs.

Sadly, things didn’t go as planned and gushing winds drove the airship and the caravan attached to it into a flock of trees in a farmer’s field besides the A428 road. But you can all relax, as May survived without any injuries and nothing happened to Hammond as well. Emergency services were on stand by but the helicopter which was brought in to help film the challenge gave them the good news.

This just goes to show that even though the Top Gear lads have a great time on TV, many of their stunts and general “cocking about” can go awfully wrong, with Richard Hammond’s 2006 crash still very fresh in the memory of many Top Gear fans. All in all, it’s great that May escaped unharmed and we can all look forward to a great new season which might start around November.

Source: DailyMirror

2 Responses to James May has survived a Top Gear stunt gone wrong involving a caravan and a baloon

  1. intensive driving says:

    Glad they’re all OK and I’m looking forward to the new series… Caravans stuck to airships – that’s imaginative!

  2. lee jones says:

    As a CaravansTV show producer in the UK, I just wish I had the kind of budget to do what

    these guy’s do, good content make good telly, together with the best editing skills, makes

    this programme superb to watch – and that’s why they have such a massive following . . . . . .

    OH Yeh, and the cars are good too !

    I think Top Gear is one of the best programmes on the BBC, and it gets better all the time. I

    thought this particular episide was also great, and thier world wide decleration for hating

    Caravans continues Brilliently, a reputation they need to keep up ! . . . . . .Even Though I own

    a Caravan myself.

    I have seen many websites now, all basically saying the same things, all complaining about

    the same stuff in regard to Top Gear and thier on screen adventures being fake – Does it

    matter if the whole thing is staged ?

    I’t s all about getting ratings, and the best way for the BBC to do this is by entertainement,

    and that’s why they do what they do, to entertain us, it works – and they know it . . . .Top

    Gear used to be boring – No longer

    Keep it up Guy’s !

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