John Barrowman and Fifth Gear’s Tiff Needell involved in high-speed crash

Fifth Gear presenter Tiff Needell and actor John Barrowman who was a guest on the show walked away after an 80 mph crash during a race in Powys, Wales. The two were filming for an episode of Fifth Gear and Barrowman was driving a rally-prepped £120,000 Subaru (with Needell as co-pilot) when he lost control of his car, “slid down a verge, flipped four times and almost went into a lake at the bottom of the hill”. Paramedics quickly came out and pulled the two stars out of the car and they were both taken to a hospital, not before shattered glass was removed from Barrowman’s eye.

Barrowman said: “I’m lucky to walk away unscathed. I got a ticking off from my mum afterwards.” What’s really interesting is that Barrowman portrays Captain Jack Harkness in Torchwood, a characted which cannot die.

Images from the crash will be shown in the next episode of Fifth Gear on Channel 5.

[Source: Daily Mail / Via Jalopnik]

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Comments (2)

  • Intensive Driving Courses says:

    I am surprised at there being such a drop next to a racing track where stars are driving fast cars!

    Top Gear’s track is based around an air field making the only possibly accident being sliding off the road on to grass.

    But i suppose it will push up the ratings a little for Fifth Gear!

  • Brandon @ Cars & Life says:

    He is indeed very lucky. It’s a testament to the strength and safety of modern rally cars that there aren’t more serious injuries.

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