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Kia Recalls 58,322 Spectra Models

Kia Spectra

Just about every car manufacturer out there has issued a recall for at least one of its models. However, not many of them (or better said, none) did this over fears that the fuel tank may fall off. Kia has issued a recall for 58,322 Spectra models (2004-2007MY, United States) built from November 7th, 2003, until March 6th, 2007. This recall concerns the cars sold or registered in the states that rely heavily on road salt for melting the ice during the wintertime.

Kia Spectra

Kia informed the NHTSA that there is a possibility that because of prolonged exposure to salt, the fuel tank straps that hold the tank may rust, and the tank might fall on the road, causing a fuel leak and in a worst case scenario, a fire.

Kia Spectra

The automaker said that these fuel tank straps will be replaced, and they will also attach new hardware with zinc-coated parts, free of charge. The safety recall will start this June.

Kia Spectra

PS: No wonder Kia’s motto is “The Power to Surprise”… Losing the gas tank of your car, now that’s what we call a surprise!

Kia Spectra

Source: Kia via Carscoop

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