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KIKO Classic Car Auction

KIKO Classic Car Auctions is a dedicated company founded around a family known for its auction activity which started four generations ago. It’s a company that employs 32 professional auctioneers who work to maintain the KIKO history of integrity and trust gained during over sixty years of activity.

In March 2011 took place another edition of the KIKO classic car auction held at the Cleveland I-X Center. This classic car auction was named Spring Classic Car &Memorabilia Auction and brought together more than 1,000 bidders, sellers and classic car enthusiasts. The people who took part of this event had the opportunity to attend two auctions that were organized in conjunction with the 45th Annual Cleveland Auto-Rama.

This classic car auction featured also pedal cars, oilers, signs, pumps and of course amazing classic cars which were the ones in the spotlight. This KIKO Spring classic car auction also displayed a wide variety of classics including a 1931 Ford Roadster convertible pickup, a 1901 Rollsmobile, a 1959 Chevrolet Corvette, a 1921 White truck and an international award winner 1956 Ford Thunderbird. Other incredible vehicles auctioned were an Orange County Chopper named “Heat of the Battle II” special manufactured to commemorate the 9/11 events.

KIKO Classic Car Auctions

A classic that is worth all the special attention is the 1956 Ford Thunderbird which convinced its new owner to pay an impressive sum of $73,700. This Ford was restored having a Peacock Blue finished whit Colonial white hard-top and is in excellent condition. The car is equipped with a 312 cubic inch V8 engine able to produce 245 horsepower, with an original Ford automatic transmission and has won the 2010 Gold Medallion Award when it was introduced in competition at the CTCI International Convention.

Another incredible classic car auctioned at this KIKO classic car auction was the 1959 Chevrolet Corvette, a rare combination between a black exterior with silver coves and a red leather interior. This classic vehicle is equipped with a 283 cubic inch engine able to produce 230 horsepower and comes with some original components: the tachometer, the gauge package, the heater and the Wonderbar radio. In the end the car was sold for $58,850.

The 1931 Ford Roadster convertible pickup was another incredible classic car which was part of this event. The pickup was restored in 2010 and is a rare Roadster pickup configuration with black fenders, red wire wheels and a rebuilt drive train. This amazing classic pickup was sold for $16,000.

The memorabilia auction included items provided from the collection build in over 50 years by one single man and it included gas pumps, oilers, signs and miscellaneous automotive memorabilia which were all restored. These items were unique and interesting features for a 50 years collection and that’s way many people were interested in biding for them. The most expensive memorabilia item sold at this 2011 KIKO classic car auction was a Cities Service gas pump which brought  the auction house $2,310 while the Texaco Sky Chief gas pump was sold for $1,705.

The pedal cars were another attraction of this classic car auction. The star of the auction was a 1960 Murray Atomic Missile Airplane pedal car which convinced its new owner to pay $770 while the Custom Handcrafted Pedal Airplane managed to bring for the Kiko classic car auction $687.

The 2011 KIKO classic car auction was a real success even if it was a smaller event, with decent price tags. That’s because each and every participant had the opportunity to bid for an item and enjoyed the moments spent with his family during a relaxing, filled with history event.

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