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Lamborghini Engine

How is going to be called the follower of the Lamborghini Murcielago? May be Jotta, may be Aventador. We know for sure that Italians keep very good the secret and we might say that they try to distract our attention from the car by offering us the first information about the technique that will be on the new Italian super car.

According to the Italians, we speak about a V12 engine, brand new, designed from zero and known under the name of intern code L539. Having a capacity of 6,498 cc, the Lamborghini engine is the aspired type Lamborghini didn’t appealed yet at turbo compressors or mechanic compressors to achieve sensational powers.

Lamborghini Gallardo Engine

The maximum power developed by the new propeller is 700 HP obtained at a touring of real tenor: 8,250 rpm. The maximum motor couple has an appreciable value encrypted at 690 Nm obtained at an average touring of 5,500 rpm.

The Italian engineers also praise themselves that achieved a light and compact propeller, V12 having a total weight of only 234 kg. The two cylinder lines are bent at a 60 degrees angle one to another, the length of the engine being of 784 mm, its width 848 mm and its height 665 mm.

The cylinder shell is of 95 mm, and the course of 76.5 mm, short course of pistons being very proper for the high touring engine. The breech is made of a resistant alloy made of aluminum and silica and the crankshaft is reinforced supplementary with nitrates having a reduced weight of only 24.6 kg.

At Lamborghini engines we can find robotized gear. The compression report is 11.8 to 1, very high, but the piston speed at maximum touring of 8,250 rpm is only 21 meters/second, more reduced than the actual propeller of Murcielago.  So, the new Lamborghini engines have a better durability and smaller frictions.

The evacuation system of three-in-one type gets together four pre-catalysts placed near the engine, but also two main catalysts, the main objective being the reducing of toxic emissions. But for the engineers were the same important to obtain an unmistakable sound so the drum contains two evacuations: one of low pressure and the other of high pressure, both equipped with valves electronic controlled.

The Lamborghini engine would be nothing without transmission, and the last one is total now. Named ISR (Independent Shifting Rods), this is a mechanic gearbox robotized with 7 steps capable of changing times of speed steps in only 50% of the time necessary to a gearbox endowed with double clutch, the working principle being the same.

The driver can choose 3 working methods of the gearbox: the street – fully automatic method for a confortable driving and relaxant; sport – offers a dynamic way of changing speed steps and Corsa – offers maximum of efficiency at changing steps, being destined for usage on the circuit, this mode benefiting of the services of the Launch Control system.

So, the follower of the Murcielago model announced to be a super sport car dignified of admiration by the prism of the motor propeller group.


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