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Lamborghini Parts

Lamborghini Company is related to the man that had the inspiration, knowledge and determination to transform a dream into reality: Ferrucio Lamborghini. Mr. Lamborghini was born in Renazzo, a small village near Bologna, Italy, at April 26th, 1916. In world war two, he is sent to take care of maintaining the vehicles in Rhodes Greece. In this period he bought few military old vehicles and transformed them into tractors because Italy needed urgent those kind of vehicles after war. In 1959, its business is getting bigger and bigger and he starts producing ovens and air conditioner machines. At some point he even tries to produce helicopters, but he is restricted by the Italian government

Ferruccio Lamborghini decided to turn his attention on the automobiles and in this way, his life changed dramatically and since that moment, the world of vehicles wasn’t the same. In 1964 Lamborghini starts to deliver cars that represent the ideal of beauty and perfection expressing better than anything else the ideal of being the best. Year 1972 was marked of the biggest crises in the Lamborghini history, so Ferrucio Lamborghini was obliged to sell 51% of his company to a Swiss citizen named Georges-Henri Rossetti and then in 1974, he sold the rest of the company meaning 49% to a friend of Rosseti named Rene Leimer.  Even so, the name of Lamborghini for one of the most expensive cars in the world was kept in the same manner as his founder did.

Lamborghini Parts

Due to the high price of the Lamborghini cars and because those cars are so rare, the Lamborghini parts are not so easy to find. Searching for Lamborghini parts, the best store that can assure the quality of its parts and great stocks of parts for this make of car is LamboStuff. From accessories, exhaust systems, fluids, wheels and engines, this store offers you new and used parts for your Lamborghini. This store offers also service maintenance for Lamborghini cars and provides you tools, diagnostic and tuning. Even if this is an online store, it also has a local store with the following address: 1626 Oakwood Trail, Xenia, Ohio 45385.

But if you are far from this store, you can create an account and order the Lamborghini parts on their website. If you need assistance, there is an online help service that will guide you in the purchasing process of the necessary spare parts for your Lamborghini. If you still are undecided about your order, you can ask for a free catalogue with the parts this company is selling and as soon as you decide you can access the online store and insert the category of product and the part number from catalogue and the necessary parts will be found immediately for you.

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