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Lamborghini Sesto


The latest Lamborghini concept car was released in 2010 at the Paris Motor Show and was a huge success for the Italian automaker as we all expected it to be! The car is an astonishing concept which probably will replace the Murcielago in the next years. What can suggest better the lightweight future for the Raging Bull than an incredible name for an outstanding supercar: the Lamborghini Sesto Elemento. The name of the car comes from the periodic table, where the carbon, the main material used to build this supercar, is classified as the sixth element.


The Lamborghini Sesto is a two-seat concept car designed by the Italian automaker and is the only car built in the world to have mastered the entire CFRP process across different technologies including 3D design, simulation, validation, production and testing. The car is considered a “state-of-the-art” industrial process that displays perfectly the highest quality standards which will be difficult to reach and overcome. The Sesto Elemento uses a lightweight carbon-fiber structure along with front frames, crash boxes and exterior panels made of the same material. In addition, the designers used the carbon-fiber to produce the major suspension components and even the rims while for the tailpipes they used Pyrosic, an advanced glass-ceramic matrix composite.


Lamborghini Sesto


Using this material, the team who worked at the Lamborghini Sesto managed to obtain a car which weighs only 999 kg including the engine and the all-wheel drive system. The exterior design is a real statement of hi-tech materials. This supercar is finished in a matt-shimmer clear coat which allows you to see the carbon fiber accents. The exterior color isn’t just black. Because of the Nano-technology used you can observe fine crystals with a red shimmer add in the paint. As a result, the surfaces are covered in this glow red finish and deliver an incredible effect. The side profile of the Sesto is cut like a sharp wedge while a distinctive sideline starts at the front wheel arch and ends above the rear wheel.


All the exterior components are tastefully combined improving the aerodynamics and each one of them has an important role. For example, the cooling air flows through two red triangular openings in the hood and through large outlets in the side panels while the two vertical ribs placed in the front, guide the cooling air to the radiator.




The interior receives the same attention to the details and is characterized by high quality materials. The seats are upholstered in high-tech fabric and are defined from the Forged Composite tub. The steering wheel can be adjusted for height and reach while the pedals can be electrically adjusted longitudinally. As the exterior, the interior features the functional CFRP material used for the doors, the cockpit, the center console, the floor and the roof. The electronic control unit related to the engine is placed in plain sight.


Under the hood, the Lamborghini engineers made the impossible possible. The Lamborghini Sesto is equipped with a 5.2 liters V10 engine which produces 570 horsepower and a fast-shifting e-gear transmission. This supercar is able to accelerate from zero to 100 km/h in only 2.5 seconds while the maximum speed reaches over 300 km/h. That’s amazing and the driving experience will be something difficult to forget. Because of the extreme lightweight, the fuel consumption is also low. The Lamborghini Sesto features a superior traction and stability control, because of the all wheel drive system.


The Lamborghini Sesto will be the perfect sports car for any speed lover, but it will cost more than $2 millions. Nonetheless, every penny is worth it!


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