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Lamborghini Tractor

The beginning of the Lamborghini history wasn’t marked by the manufacture of high-performance and luxury cars. Ferruccio Lamborghini was born in a farmer family and because of that he began his successful business by converting the military left-over engines in powerful tractors.

The tractor business went extremely well (even if he manufactured the tractors in a barn) and in 1949 Ferruccio managed to built a new factory and founded Lamborghini Trattori SpA. And very quickly this factory became famous being known as the best tractor manufacturer, because all the Lamborghini tractors were very reliable, high quality and the most powerful in the field. As a result, in 1969 the production reached 5,000 units a year and because of that Ferruccio decided to move his business in a bigger factory. In 1971, Lamborghini Trattori was the third best selling tractor manufacturer in Italy.

This tradition of building high performance tractors is maintained even nowadays. Lamborghini manufactures incredible powerful tractors and still has something to say in this field. A good example of a Lamborghini tractor which continues the tradition imposed by Ferruccio when he started his business is the R7 210 tractor. This tractor was designed with the intention of producing a fierce competitor for the tractors part of the 200 horsepower plus category.

Lamborghini Tractor

The R7 210 Lamborghini tractor is equipped with the powerful Deutz Tier III Common Rail engine, electronically managed, which can run on 100% biodiesel and can reach a maximum power of 220 horsepower. This seven liters engine offers a high efficiency with low fuel consumption. Moreover, the engine is designed to ensure the driver that this Lamborghini tractor can solve all the demanding tasks no matter which are the operating conditions.

This Lamborghini tractor is equipped with a powerful 27-speed transmission which transfers the entire power to the driving wheels. This transmission offers three ranges and nine power speeds while the gear changes are realized by using a pushbutton operated sequentially. In addition, the transmission is also equipped with hydraulic power using an electronically operated double multidisc clutch system. Another interesting feature is the Automatic Powershift which can be used to select automatically the most efficient gear taking into consideration the load conditions and the engine’s speed.

This Lamborghini tractor works in difficult conditions and is equipped with the premium package. That means, the R7 210 uses the Dynamic Rear Positioning system which is manufactured to provide some additional traction when necessary. The R7 210 is also equipped with some interesting features including some new automotive concepts: the servo braking system, the Sequential Drive System that is able to memorize the settings so that the driver won’t have to perform the same tasks each time it starts the engine and the Electronic Park Brake which is an electromechanical system designed to help the driver park safely the tractor.

The exterior design provides an amazing look because of its new one-piece hood while the interior of this Lamborghini tractor offers a high-comfort cabin for the driver. The cabin is equipped with pneumatic self-leveling suspensions and a high-visibility roof.

The Lamborghini tractors are the best because of the advanced technology used while manufacturing these powerful beasts and because of their elegant and exclusive style. I can honestly say that a Lamborghini tractor is the perfect combination between the latest technology and highest standards of quality and reliability. The Lamborghini tractors can’t be missed or confused with other tractors because of their unique style and because of the brand name placed on the grille. It’s the perfect tractor that will get the job done even in the toughest conditions.

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