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Leaked photos of the Toyota Prius C published online

Toyota Prius C

The journalists from Auto Express.co.uk have managed to publish a few photos of the upcoming Toyota Prius C, photos that were taken from a leaked Japanese brochure. As you can see, the production version of the model will be more toned down than the concept that the Japanese automaker unveiled back in January at the Detroit Motor Show.

Toyota Prius C

The model that will debut at the Tokyo Motor Show in December will look quite similar with the bigger Prius and it will feature stepped headlights as well as clear tail lamps. As for the cabin, the centrally-mounted digital display and the steering wheel have been borrowed from the regular Prius.

Toyota Prius C

From this brochure we learn that the Toyota Prius C is motivated by a 4-cylinder 1.4-liter engine and an electric motor for a total output of 99 hp. This horsepower is sent to the front wheels via a CVT gearbox. According to Toyota, the new model will be able to return 100 mpg on the Japanese test cycle so with the European standards it should do approximately 80 mpg UK. As for the CO2 emissions, these should be around 80 g/km.

Toyota Prius C

According to a spokesperson from Toyota UK, the Prius C will not be available in Europe, at least not in the beginning. As you probably know, the automaker already has a small car in the form of the popular Yaris which in 2012 will get a hybrid variant. However, chances are that the Prius C, which is 5cm lower and 10cm longer than the new generation of the Yaris, will make it in Europe in the next years. Another Prius model that will arrive in Europe is the 7-seater Prius+ that will hit the dealerships in early 2012.

Source: Auto Express

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