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Luxury Used Car

We’d all like to buy a luxury car even if used. If you check out the 2005 and 2006 models you will find incredible bargains for luxury used cars that you will afford. These luxury used cars, SUVs or pickups are many of them only two or three years old and can prove to be just perfect for someone with a higher budget looking for a reliable used car. I can give you some examples of luxury used cars and their prices if I got you interested.

A first option is the 2006 Audi S4 which is a great combination between a sport car and a sedan and is available on the used car market. This is the kind of car that takes your breath away and makes you love it. And when it comes to low budgets this luxury used car is a real blessing. There are people who will say that it’s better to buy the Audi S4 equipped with an automatic transmission. If you are interested in buying this used car you should know that its price varies between $26,529 and $27,915.

2006 Audi S4

Another interesting luxury used car is the 2006 Cadillac STS which is a luxury sedan and it’s quite a bargain because of its decent run. Even if it doesn’t look so “fashionable” it’s a great car. You can save some money by choosing the V6 version over the V8, but its price is quite affordable. You will find a price of $19,548 at a dealer and of only $17,950 at a private seller. The 2005 Acura TL is another good choice for a luxury used car purchase. Any model you will decide to buy will definitely not disappoint you. It’s better to buy the used Acura TL model because of its exceptional sound system and because it really is the equal of a luxury sedan that has a price with tens of thousands higher. The 2005 Acura TL is a fun car to drive and it will never let you down. The price for a used Acura TL varies between $16,144 and $17,669.

The 2006 Ford Expedition is another used car that should be on your option list. It has an incredible price ranging between $14,544 and $15,620 and if you want a big, comfortable SUV then this Ford model is an excellent option. Another interesting choice would be the 2006 Infiniti M with both M classes: the 35 and the 45 class. The M45 is a more powerful version and will offer you an incredible driving experience while the M35 is the perfect cruiser and offers a better fuel economy. All in all the Infiniti M is a real used car bargain because of its price of which is around $23,663 according to dealer offers.

Another good purchase of a luxury used car is the 2006 Lexus SC. This is an extremely luxurious two-seat convertible with an incredible style. The Lexus is more of a luxo-cruiser than a sporty convertible which will put a smile on your face each time you will drive it. If you have the chance to find a private seller than it will cost you only $36,382 while a dealer will charge you more (around $38,936). The 2006 Toyota Sequoia is my favorite luxury used car. It’s the best option if you are looking for a big and comfortable SUV which can accommodate not only a lot of people but also a lot of luggage. Its luxurious interior is able to make you feel comfortable and happy. The 2006 Toyota Sequoia can be yours for a price of $25,995.


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