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Mercedes ML 350 driver runs a red light, see what happened

The video you are about to see was captured by a traffic camera installed at an intersection in Timashevsk, which is a small Russian town located in the Krasnodar region. The driver of the Mercedes-Benz ML 350 didn’t care about the red lights at continued his trip at a considerable speed and as you can see he was hit on the rear passenger side by an oncoming Daewoo Nexia (also known as Cielo in some areas), causing the German luxury crossover to roll over towards a pedestrian who was on the sidewalk.

The good thing about this whole incident is that the woman managed to see the incoming ML and she jumped to safety at the very last moment. Who knows what could have happened if she hadn’t been that attentive. The crossover eventually stopped after hitting an electric pole and the driver of the car wasn’t hurt.

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