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MiraQua, City Car Of The Future?


If you live in a big city you probably waste a couple of hours every week driving to and from work. One solution to this problem comes from Chaoyi Li, who is the designer of the MiraQua. He thinks that these small electric cars are exactly what we need to get rid of the congestion. He designed the car as a solution for the excessive traffic congestion in China.

As you can see, this compact-looking EV is pretty different from what we’ve seen before. It has an in-wheel motor and drive-by-wire technology. It features a specially designed front wing that kind of rises up and acts as an entrance from the front. The foldable front seats allow the passengers to get to the rear seats.

Thanks to the fact that front portion of the car opens up entirely and the front passenger side seat is foldable, it is very easy to access the rear seats through the front entrance. In addition, you can easily store luggage there as the entire passenger side leg area is available for storing stuff.

Unfortunately, we don’t know if there is going to be a production version based on this concept, but the future for city cars looks very promising if you ask me.

Source: alternative-energy-news.info

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