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Modern Chevrolet

With 2011 Chevrolet opens up a new chapter in modern cars. Since 2009, Chevrolet has been climbing up the ladder, slowly but surely, and keeps posing more and more problems to the competition by placing on the market better vehicles, at better prices. Modern looks, lots of features and top of the line fuel management systems are the creeds of the 2011 Chevy models.

Let’s start with the new Chevrolet Cruze. This car may not sweep you off your feet at first sight, but it makes up for it by successfully integrating, a comfortable ride, with a tactile interior and loads of space for packaging. It would seem that it every piece of luggage has a specially designed slot in the car. Ok so it may not be a looker from the outside, but the interior certainly makes up for it with a modern and high quality look. If you’re looking for decent transportation and a fantastic fuel economy, than this modern looking Chevrolet is the car for you. It offers just about as much refinement and cruising quality as a medium size sedan. Its safety ratings are through the roof, scoring maximum points in every test. Not to mention that it’s packed to the teeth with features, both multimedia, and safety.

Here comes Honda’s nightmare. This year the compact crossover section will no longer be ruled by the Honda CR-V, since the 2011 Chevrolet Equinox plans to steal the crown. If you’ve got a small family and have no need for that back third row, than the Equinox is plain perfect for you. It has a refined look, it’s versatile, and quite secure, and naturally, has outstanding fuel economy in the four cylinder version. Like its predecessor, the Equinox looks hot no matter whether you’re looking at it from the inside or out. Talking performance, it traded sportiness for safety and responsive driving. If you want speed, get a sports car, because this thing is built to last. It respects all the practicality and comfort laws of a car, while offering that extra space that comes with being a crossover. While the safety department is riddled with words like “perfect”, “awesome” and so on. There is nothing like that quite, sensible ride in your brand new Chevrolet Equinox.

The Chevrolet Malibu hasn’t had much success in the past, but GM finally decided that the Toyota Camry and the Honda Accord have to go so it placed loads of effort to make the Chevy Malibu a match for those two battling titans. It may not be edgy or might not have big performance, but you can find all your needs satisfied within this highly versatile sedan. It may not be the perfect sports car, but it’s quite the looker, inside and out. The 2011 Malibu is clearly destined to offer a refined ride and loads of practical use, but they’ve taken away a bit too much from the performance department leaving the car a bit dull. On the other hand, you can sit very comfortable in this spacious sedan while you’re on those long roads. It sits rather well in the features department but the lack of a screen based navigation system makes it drop a bit.

If you want your sports car here it is: the 2011 Chevrolet Corvette. There is no other sports car out there that spells “American” better than the Corvette. With 430 horse power it can reach a ridiculous top speed while remaining comfortable and practical. It literally has everything, looks, performance, safety, tons of features and absolutely no fuel economy.

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