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54 Responses to Modified Chrysler 300C Photo Gallery

  1. phil-boi says:

    that car is da nuts

  2. shelly says:

    Damn thats my future ride,..lol

  3. precious says:

    this is my one and only car!!!!!!
    no one elses!!!!!
    so back off!!!!!

  4. precious says:

    i need this car more than anything in this world!!!!!

  5. precious says:

    hello….this is my car!!!!!

  6. Tyler says:


  7. Eener says:

    O my god

  8. La Baby says:

    I have the same car but in black. I like ur car is nice but mine is better.

  9. MF says:

    Hey what exact year is your chrysler? and what is the exact type? does anybody know?

  10. kunbar says:

    How much did that car cost the way it looks now ? Is it 3.0 CRD ? Thanks, I’m just curious because I want to buy one and have it tuned the same way + the rear doors should open like the front doors.

  11. guerito says:

    damm i would do anything for this car i mean any thing!!!!!!!!

  12. Ashley says:

    This car is the shizzle! It’s my future car?

  13. VIDALE65 says:


  14. a.j says:

    i wanna buy this car

  15. rudy says:

    car sucks i have a truck with some 28s

  16. Beverly says:

    This car is OFF THE CHAIN nasty! It’s a beauiful, short version of the Rolls Royce — AWESOME! I’m not sold on the DeLorean doors, though. The Chrysler 300 is the sharpest car on the road today!!!!!!! The price isn’t bad either and you can’t beat a lifetime warranty on the motor and transmission.

  17. TheOnly1Ever says:

    Sickest ride on earth! Will need to buy one once I get the money lol its like nothing else out there….

  18. yannenfrance says:

    my god… the perfect car exist. it’s here.

  19. TheOnly1Ever says:

    damm dis car iz freakin HOTT its my dream car one day ima wake up and i will walk outside and it will be right thr!!!!!! damm i want dis car so badd

  20. TheOnly1Ever says:

    like omg even though ima white ass girly girl this car is like totaly off the hook lik omg!!!!!!!!! lol

  21. LoopyMind says:

    If it were a deep matte grey, I’d SO want it… but it’s white, white’s for pimps..

  22. jay says:

    thats a nice car, does any1 no what make those wheels are??

  23. jay says:

    sorry ive just notest that it says at the top

  24. Turkish says:

    Buzz of, frigging people!!This s**t is my s**t!

  25. iremainsegun says:


  26. neisha says:

    I like chrysler car becuues when my grandma had it and i knew i had to get one of them ca. I want a red or black one.

  27. DR KDIZZ says:

    This is how you how you hook it up! I am working on the same comcept except I am doing the small spoiler rear top and back of the trunk and maybe the rear side vents,verynice what you did with this 300

  28. jeka666 says:

    this is like so my dream car…..:(

  29. kang menvce says:

    yup i got a cadilc escalde in BLACK N GOLD WIT BUTTERFLY DOOR N 5 T.V>N 24>>>E

  30. leo says:

    esta super padre tu nave! felicidades de los mejores chrysler 300c que eh visto…. cuidalo y correlo!

  31. neessie says:


  32. neessie says:

    RUDY just hatin’ “car sucks i have a truck with some 28s” PPHH WHATEVER! THIS rides nice i got one just like it except for the doors and mines is on 22′s with limo tint NIIICE!

  33. Pejo says:

    I like this one. Can I have it?

  34. rambo says:

    yo g how much is
    this car of yours ill
    buy it for a good price if
    ya wanna sell it to me bro the
    car is bloody great

  35. LA LOCA DEL SUR says:


  36. jazmine says:

    damn ur ride is bomb as helll

  37. bekman says:

    one day……

  38. Eliasu says:

    wowowo i love this car but also want to know how much it cost cos i want to buy it
    if anyone knows he should tell me anyway i am a boy who is looking i am black sexy guy who need someone in life anything Goes
    get intocuh

  39. chinedu says:

    please can u guy s give me one

  40. Gepimped.com says:

    This is why life is Beautifull…

    It makes me smile and be happy to see such cars.

  41. Northside14 says:

    omg!! dat car izzz soo tite… it’s my dream car….. oNe day im guNa have the best oNe N every1′z guNa be hateN….

  42. kevi says:

    damn, it’s first scratch is going to be painful

  43. tniggz says:

    nice care take of dat s**t!!!

  44. dalesbox says:

    FOR SALE this is my 300c ,its a 5.7 hemi ,i still have the 24″ asantis that are in this picture but have put 22″ on for a better ride as the roads in Spain are too bad for the 24″ , my car is now FOR SALE .call me if your interested 25.000 euros.

  45. kralj says:

    what is the prize of this car ?!

  46. Andrey says:

    hello kralj, it seems that the price of this car is around 30,000 euros
    you can contact dale at the address above your own comment

  47. kralj says:

    andrey,this car with this acceories for that prize?!

  48. dalesbox says:

    kralj… this is my car e mail me on so we can talk thank you ..

  49. chris says:

    Am Chris and i desired this car very much more than any thing in this life becos that is number one choice car that i really want in this own wide world and i know in side me that i must get it one day and no matter what nothing can stop me not to get this car in this world.

  50. LOLatSOMEpeople says:

    Wow. Just Wow! That is the perfect vehicle for your average dummy jiggaboo and/or illegal papi burrito eater! After reading some of the comments previous to mine, I felt the urgent need to move to a gated upscale community. Just plain trash. Unadulterated, uneducated, and materialistic fools lap this sort of garbage right up.

  51. URnobody says:

    ha mines better and im gettin the doors its a 07 custom paint job blck and white

  52. tashi fernando says:

    i just loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee it…

  53. dave313 says:

    how much does the llardo whells cost to you??

  54. s.leninprabhu says:

    very naich the car

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