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MyCopter project – the beginning of flying car generation

We have all seen those movies with flying cars! At that moment, they looked like a fantasy that never could become reality. But how would you feel about traveling between homes and working places or flying at low altitude in your city? We know: it would be great. Apparently, this could be possible: the European Union is preparing for the next generation of city cars with MyCopter project, combining ground-based and air-based transportation. In fact, this could be the solution to traffic jams.

In order to finalize this project, a personal air transport system (PATS) could be created, which to overcome the environmental and financial costs associated with all of the current methods of transport.

Although this flying car generation raises a set of other problems (such as careless drivers, preventing accidents, lack of orientation lines etc.), the idea behind the EU project is to set up a framework which allows even the most unwise drivers to safely “fly”. So, the project will use new automation technologies for obstacle avoidance, path planning and formation flying, which could also be used in other aerospace applications.

What do you think about the flying car project?

[Source: MyCopter]

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