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New Lamborghini 2011

Lamborghini, the Italian car manufacturer that always amaze us by creating the most eccentric sport cars and the fastest ones, released a new Lamborghini 2011 named Aventador.

Aventador is like a magic moment, without spy pictures and without images generated by the computer, without rumors inside the company or gossips from the vehicle press. With this new Lamborghini 2011 Aventador, this car manufacturer locked in its place, in the supercars temple from Sant’Agata Bolognese, to the old Murcielago and then got ready for this new super car: Aventador LP700-4. It can also be called the legend destroyer because under that great carbon body, shaped in the darkness of the secret workshops of hell, it hides the most psycho technology that Italians had ever created. And now they are ready to unleash the beast in front of everyone at the auto show in Geneva.

Lamborghini Aventador

With a V12 engine of 6.5 liters, that is positioned in the back of the driver and weight only 234 kilograms, the new Lamborghini 2011 Aventador has integral traction model Haldex and 700 power horses and its couple is developed at optimal speed of 5.500 rotations per minute. All this tornado crosses the automatic transmission with seven treads, manufactured by Graziano Trasmissioni Group, for the reports to be changed only in 50 milliseconds. And you can be sure that everyone will know this because of the exhaust with double room.

Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4 will not lose any second from the precious time of the lucky persons that will owe this car. The first 100 km per hour will be done in 2.9 seconds, faster that you can pronounce the name of the beast painted in Arancio Argos color. Its maximum speed can get to 350 km/h and if this big numbers didn’t convinced you, than you have to know that the price of the new Lamborghini 2011 Aventador will be up to 255,000.00 euros on the old continent Europe. With all these being said, two things are very clear now: first that Ferrari remained completely discovered and second that Aventador is the first Lamborghini from which we didn’t expect to have a SuperVeloce version. I believe that humanity is not ready for this car at this moment, so you better prepare strongly to receive this car in your mind and heart.

New Lamborghini 2011

After only few hours after Lamborghini published the pictures with the new Lamborghini 2011 Aventador chassis, a clandestine picture from a Croatian magazine presents the successor of Murcielago in a very different manner: dressed and ready to attack. Maybe this picture only made things more agitated, so if you want to discover this super car from all its angles you can visit the auto show in Geneva in April 2011 and for sure you will not regret the moment when you have in front of your eyes this car.


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