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NHTSA investigates Ford Windstar over front subframe corrosion issues

It seems that the Ford Windstar minivan was prone to quite a lot of defects. Earlier this year, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration revealed that it will investigate the Blue Oval model over rear axle corrosion concerns.

Now, the federal body has revealed that it will be expanding that investigation to the front subframe as well. It seems that in states where salt is used during the winter season, corrosion can affect the steering system, eventually causing complete failure.

Around 900,000 minivans will be investigated by the NHTSA, manufactured between 1999 and 2003. Ford has pledged its full support during the inquiry. If a recall will be made, it will be the 11th one suffered by the Ford Windstar during its lifecycle.

Source: Automotive News via Autoblog

6 Responses to NHTSA investigates Ford Windstar over front subframe corrosion issues

  1. [...] will be notifying owners in September. The Windstar is still under investigation by the NHTSA over front subframe corrosion issues, also stemming from the use of road salt. The results of that investigation have yet to be [...]

  2. James Prahst says:

    My 1999 windstar is in the dealer with a cracked rear axle. It also has a rotted subframe which is ready to fail. Will ford take care of me, and fix there faultly designed subframe that was destined for failure at time of assembly, only if the government forces them to.

  3. James Sciortino says:

    I brought my 200 Windstar in for the rear axle recall and it checked out okay but they did find that the front end subframe has rotted and needs to be replaced. I understand that the NHTSA is investigating. How long will results take and if I get the repair done will I be reimberssed?

  4. Greg says:

    Having the subframe problem as well on my 2000 Windstar…I’m living in The Netherlands, Europe, and Ford here is not giving me anything at all…

  5. donald blunt says:

    i currently own a 2001 ford wind star and found out that the sub framehas rotted .as well as the trans axel is leaking fluid at speeds above 50 mph.also i have to change the rear tires once a year due to tire wear.im being told that the van wont pass inspection this year .who do i contact for the recall info to see if my vehicle qualifys thanks

  6. Christine Floyd says:

    They put brackets on the subframe. The engine is going to fall threw and it’s corroded.

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