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NHTSA investigating power steering issues on BMW Z4 and Mazda3

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has just announced that it will be starting two new investigations, both related to the power steering systems of the BMW Z4 and the Mazda3.

The specific models currently being investigated are the 2003-2005 BMW Z4 and the 2007-2009 Mazda3. It seems that while the systems may be quite different, they both are responsible for incidents. Three Mazda crashes and one BMW accident were reported, stemming from a loss of response from the steering system.

The Mazda3 did receive a Technical Service Bulletin (not a full pledged recall) last year, but it seems that the electro-hydraulic power steering system still has some problems.

The BMW Z4, on the other hand, uses a completely electric steering system, which, at high speeds or temperatures, may manifest some issues. As you can imagine, under such conditions, you want the car to be as responsible as possible.

The investigations are still underway, so a result is to be expected in the following weeks.

Source: BusinessWeek via Autoblog

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