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Nissan Leaf US reservations full, CEO Carlos Ghosn says

It seems that Renault Nissan CEO Carlos Ghosn was right on the money earlier this year when he said that thanks to the upcoming Leaf electric vehicle, his company has no other competition.

In order to drive the point home, the Nissan CEO revealed that all of the models scheduled for US sale in 2010, 13,000 in total, have been reserved. Do bear in mind that we’re talking about the refundable $99 reservations, but still, achieving such an impressive number in just a few months is mighty impressive.

We should still wait until Leaf test vehicles start arriving in dealerships and people can actually test out the new EV, but given the low price (after you factor in tax cuts or discounts), the Leaf might be an offer no eco-conscious guy or gal can resist.

With this new data, Ghosn said that factories will go into overdrive in order to produce even more cars for both the US and the European markets in the next few years.

Source: Detroit Free Press