Opel Meriva

Cars are very important nowadays because everyone wants to have and drive one. There are numerous persons who already have and drive cars and others who do not have one yet or do not drive it but who intend to do this soon. Cars are seen everyday wherever we might go. Everyone has his or her own model of car according to the choices that have been made by each of us in this respect. There are cars of all kinds which can be used and which can be very useful for us to drive for many reasons.

Opel Cars are one type of cars that can be found on the market nowadays and which can also be seen very often on the street as well. This is because numerous persons have already decided to drive a car of this type due to some of their features and specifications that might have been considered as appropriate to be presented by such cars that might be useful for them to use. One such model of Opel cars is the Opel Meriva which was first produced in 2002 and which is still available nowadays.

Opel Meriva is a mini MPV type of car which is said to have been manufactured by following the platform GM Gamma. There are various possibilities of choice in what concerns the models of engines presented by this model of cars.

Some examples in this respect are: a 1.4L I4 engine, a 1.6L I4 Turbo type of engine as well as a 1.7L i4 DTI engine. In what concerns the types of transmissions presented by Opel Meriva model of cars can be mentioned the fact that there are two manual ones, a 5-speed manual and respectively a 6-speed manual transmission and a 5-speed automatic type of transmission.

The dimensions of Opel Meriva model of cars have been considered as it follows: 159.4in length, 66.7 in width, 66.7 in width and 64.0 in height. In what concerns the wheel base presented by it can be said that its size is of 103.5 in. There are two main generations of Opel Meriva cars: Meriva A and B. The first generation of such cars was made public in 2002 and there have been made certain changes to it in 2006. Opel Meriva B model of cars was presented this year in March and its production is believed to start sometime in June.

Opel Meriva A presents petrol and diesel types of engines and there are various options which can be made when choosing which of them we might enjoy more being included within the car that we might choose to drive. In what concerns Opel Meriva B model of cars it has been said that it will present great features that numerous persons , especially the ones interested in Opel models of cars will certainly appreciate.

Opel Meriva models of cars have been chosen by numerous persons who have considered them appropriate for them to drive in time. The new model is already said to have attracted attention and there might be numerous persons interested in buying it as well as a good alternative of choice in their case.

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