Peugeot to merge 407 and 607 into the new 508

OK, I admit that title might have gotten you a bit confused, but that’s just what the new strategy for Peugeot is. According to some sources, it seems that the French company has decided to follow-up its two sedans, the 407 and 607, will be just one vehicle, dubbed the 508.

This decision is largely due to economical constraints, as not a lot of people were interested in the big old 607, and that it will create a 408 model, but not the one you would expect, as it will just be a sedan version of the 308 hatchback, exclusively for the Chinese market.

Enough to make you scratch your heads? I thought so. It seems that this new 508 will become the company’s flagship model, and although this move might turn off a few fans, it will be targeted at the premium segment of the market. Rumors also indicate that Peugeot will borrow some of the technology its partner, Citroen, has developed for the new C5.

Last but not least, the model might arrive at the beginning of 2011, according to some voices, and a hybrid version might also make an appearance one year later, in late 2012.

Source: via Automarket

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Comments (2)

  • Kihia says:

    do peugo consult any body or do they really care 4 their customers.tha 407 had just started bringing back confidence 2 many people about peugo,tha 408 from tha images was going to concur even benz n bmw then all over sudden,peugo turns to 508.which looks tasteless
    Its obviously tha reason why peugo can never compete wth benz,bmw,volvo or passat they always come last n most Pple don’t talk of it wth high regard Infact some models from china could b doing better
    N what happened to kenya dealership since u also seem nt to be bothered w

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