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Porsche says there are no plans for hybrid sports cars

Hybrid cars are already well established in the current market, and for high end sports car manufacturers, they represent an easy way to improve their fleet-wide CO2 output and fuel average.

But even though quite a few sports cars are getting ready to welcome an electric motor alongside their bigger gasoline engines, Porsche boss Michael Macht revealed that models like the 911 or the Boxster won’t go that way.

“It’s technically possible but it’s not part of the plan. It also adds weight,” said Macht. “We want brake regeneration and stop-start for our sports cars, but not hybrid. They’re not driven in the city, where you get most of the advantages [of a hybrid].”

Now I don’t know about you, but the Porsche 911 has always been praised as a sports car which you can use in everyday, city life. Hopefully these other green-er technologies will help the performance models improve their efficiency.

Macht also revealed that the all-electric sports car, which might be based on the 911, is still going to have to jump through many hoops, in order to ensure that it will perform the same way as a regular car.

“There are some efforts to make a pure electric supercar,” he said, “but if Porsche is going to do that it must have the same performance and the same range as now. We want to make cars you can drive every day.”

What do you think about Porsche’s strategy? Would a hybrid 911 make sense? Leave a comment below.

Source: Autocar

6 Responses to Porsche says there are no plans for hybrid sports cars

  1. intensive driving says:

    I think they’re just being a little Germanic in their strict interpretation of ‘hybrid’… by the time they’ve added brake regeneration and stop-start Porsche cars are going to be greener and have batteries; just not batteries big enough to store energy to power the car significant distances on their own.

  2. Eve Reid says:

    i already upgraded my family car to Hybrid to help the environment.”’

  3. Ariana Coleman says:

    hybrid cars are energy efficient compared to diesel or gas powered cars.,,-

  4. Alexa Stewart says:

    i like hybrid cars because they are more energy efficient compared to petrol engines’,:

  5. L-Lysine Dosage : says:

    toyota and other car manfucaturers should step up the production of Hybrid Cars~`”

  6. Rust Paint says:

    hybrid cars would be the best thing because they are less polluting to the environment ‘`’

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