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Preliminary info about next-gen Saab 9-3 leaked

Saab 9-3 (rendering)

It seems that Saab will eventually be saved by a rescue deal worth 88 million pounds. Also on the table is another cash injection, totaling almost 300 million pounds. This financial aid comes from the Chinese automakers Pang Da and Youngman. The company’s plans are to introduce not only an all-new 9-1 model that will rival the Audi A1 and the Mini, but also a new generation for the 9-3 model.

The Swedish automaker plans on launching both 3- and 5-door version of the 9-1, along with a new model which will probably be called the 9-7, which will be a large SUV. In addition, the carmaker will probably bring the 9-4X to the United Kingdom as well.

This leaked photo of the new 9-3 was published by a Swedish website that acquired a copy of the company’s business presentation to the European Investment Bank at the beginning of this year. The new model will probably be out towards the end of 2012 and will be offered with a bunch of gasoline and diesel engines, along with both manual and automatic transmissions. One of these engines will be the BMW-sourced 1.6-liter turbocharged gasoline unit.

The new generation of the 9-3 will be built on an entirely new chassis that was developed by General Motors, who was the company’s previous owner. Both FWD and AWD hybrid versions will be available. Inside the cabin, the next-gen 9-3 will feature the advanced IQon infotainment system that uses the Android operating system developed by Google to offer satellite navigation and radio. Users will also be able to access their e-mails as well as download apps.

Design-wise, the new model will borrow a few styling cues from the PhoeniX concept that was unveiled back in March at the Geneva Motor Show, but it will also be inspired by its larger brother, the 9-5. What this means is that the new 9-3 will adopt a sportier look, featuring turbine-style alloys, boldly defined wheel arches and a coupe-like roofline. At the back it will have narrower tail lamps and a considerably curvier design.

The cabin of the next-gen Saab 9-3 will offer enough room for five adults along with a spacious trunk. The Swedish automaker is also working on convertible and estate versions of this model which will probably be launched sometime after the regular version comes out.

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One Response to Preliminary info about next-gen Saab 9-3 leaked

  1. shawn says:

    Hopefully they are smart enough to bring the hatchback back.

    GM killed it in their wisdom and a funny thing happened…5 years latter all the other automatkers (the smart ones) started making hatchbacks again.

    I doubt they will as there will simply be an a wagon…

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