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Private Social Network for Drivers – from Toyota

In partnership with Salesforce.com, a cloud computing company, Toyota intends to launch its own social network, dedicated to Toyota owners and drivers. The role of this network is to keep them connected to Toyota brand, to its dealers and also to other drivers.

According to The Atlantic Wire, Marc Benioff, CEO of Salesforce.com has recently declared that “The car is the true mobile device”; and this could have actually been the starting point for the idea of Toyota’s social network.

In this case, we could say we deal with a system of internet-connected cars, which provides information and communication resources between drivers. Toyota has practically announced that it plans to create this private social network for its car owners and named it Toyota Friend. The network will be launched in 2012.

What is your opinion: do you think that such a network would work? Would it last over time?

[Source: Marketing Conversation, Photo]

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