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Recalls – MY2011 Honda Odyssey, Volvo S40 and VW Jetta

2011 Honda Odyssey

Several recalls have been announced in the last few days and we thought to offer some information about the cars affected. Let’s start with the 2011 Honda Odyssey.

Just two weeks ago the Japanese automaker Honda issued a recall for 33,341 of its Odyssey 2011MY units due to a potential problem with the windshield wiper linkage roads. Now, a second recall has been issued for the same 2011MY. They said that they will voluntarily recall about 2,800 units because of a problem with the side windows.

According to the car manufacturer, there is a potential for one or both windows to become detached from the window regulator, which will cause the window to stop working, thus preventing it from being rolled up or down, or it could even drop into the floor. Worst case scenario, Honda said that the window may bind and shatter onto the passengers, but the good news is that this hasn’t happened yet.

They said that they will start sending notifications to the owners affected by this recall and they will replace either the passenger’s and/or the driver’s front door window glass, free of charge.

2011 Volvo S40

Moving on, Volvo is recalling several S40 units, and by several we mean only seven units (in the U.S.), which might be the smallest number of recalls ever. This affects the 2011MY S40 sedans in the United States due to a production error. The Swedish automaker told the NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration) that a crack may have formed on the top side of the passenger side support member in the power unit compartment during the production of the components. They said that this crack could have an effect on the car’s front structure.

The company’s dealers will have to inspect the top side of the passenger side support member in the engine compartment for cracks. They won’t take any further actions if they don’t find any cracks.

Aside from the seven units in the United States, they are also recalling four cars from Canada and two from Puerto Rico, due to the same potential problems.

2011 VW Jetta

Lastly, Volkswagen has issued a voluntary recall for its 2011MY Jetta model in the United States because of a defect in the wiring system that controls the anti-theft alarm system and the horn. They manufacturer stated that in some circumstances an electric short in the horn could cause the engine to stall. Luckily, no injuries or accidents have been reported due to this issue. This recall affects 71,043 units and the company will notify the owners by mail.

Source: Honda, Volvo, VW via Carscoop

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