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Revived Lotus Esprit to get Lexus LFA’s V10 and IS-F’s V8

Up until now, rumors about the upcoming revival of the Lotus Esprit were pretty dry, limiting to saying that the new Esprit will be more upmarket, in order to rival models from Ferrari or Aston Martin.

Now, courtesy of InsideLine, things have gotten a lot more interesting. It seems that Lotus will be using two very special Lexus engines for the new Esprit. How special? Rumors say that the Lexus LFA‘s massive 552 HP V10 will be available for the top spec, while the Lexus IS-F’s 416 HP V8 will be powering a cheaper version of the new Elise.

Rumors about Lotus using these performance engines from Toyota have been floating around for some time, but it seems that this time it might just come true. Lotus is under a new leadership, set to take the sportscar company to profit, and in order to do so, more upmarket models are needed.

We’ll know more as the Paris Motor Show gets underway, so stay tuned for more Lotus details.

Source: InsideLine

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