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Seat’s SUV Will Be Based On The Audi Q3

Seat IBX

Along with the new Audi Q3 that will be produced at VW Group’s Martorell factory in Spain, there is another car that will be built there: Seat’s new compact SUV, which will be based on the Q3. According to the British car magazine What Car, the production version of the Seat IBX crossover study will be introduced sometime next year and it will share the same platform as the Audi Q3.

Seat IBX

The first SUV concept developed by Seat was the Tribu, which was shown in 2007 at the Frankfurt Motor Show. That one was supposed to spawn into a production model but because of the difficult financial times, it was axed.

Seat IBX

This time, there are bigger chances that Seat will launch an SUV, despite the fact that the production model will look a lot different from the 3-door IBX concept. Most likely, the production version will feature a 5-door configuration and it will sport conventional combustion power units, as opposed to the full-electric setup of the IBX, which uses an electric motor for powering the front wheels and sports a battery package that allows the car to be driven for up to 28 miles (45 km).

Seat IBX

The model which should be out in 2012 will most likely be offered with a wide range of TSI and TDI engines, in both FWD and AWD variants.

Seat IBX

Source: What Car via Carscoop

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