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How To Sell A Canadian Car In The States

If you are interested in how to sell a Canadian car in the States, you should be aware of the fact that not all of the vehicles can be exported to the United States. To find out the list of eligible vehicles, we invite you to visit the following link: http://www.epa.gov/otaq/imports/canadian.htm .

The cars that are less than 25 years old must comply with the American Department of Transportation standards, according to the year in which they were manufactured. The cars which were built after September 1st, 1978 must also comply with the bumper standards.

In addition, the vehicles that are less than 21 years old must meet the applicable emission standards. Keep in mind that the state and federal emissions are independent from one another so passing one of them does not mean that it met the other’s standards.

After you have managed to sell the car to a buyer from the United States, you’ll have to tell him/her that paying duty for the vehicle is mandatory. The foreign-made cars that are imported in America, regardless if their new or used, for person use or for sale, are in most cases dutiable, as follows: auto – 2.5%; trucks – 25% and motorcycles over 700cc – 2.4%.

You will have to notify the United States Customs regarding the date of arrival of the car more than 72 hours in advance. For clearing the U.S. customs, you’ll have to provide bill of sale, copy of Canadian registration, a filled out U.S. Customs Invoice, completed 3520-1 EPA form, and completed HS-7 Department of transportation form along with other documents that are related to the car.

Source: pages.ebay.ca | Photo: radio.foxnews.com

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