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How To Sell Your Car To Carmax

We all know that selling a car can give you a real headache and doing things on our own is sometimes very uncomfortable taking into consideration that in most cases we have to interact with potential customers that want to offer the lowest price possible. Most of the dealerships nowadays won’t buy your car unless you get a new one. CarMax is a little bit different from the rest of the lot as they have buyers who work on their own, independently from the sales staff. These buyers have nothing to do with the entire sales process and they’ll help you sell your car easier. This article will explain how to sell your car to CarMax:

Once you arrive there you must inform the sales associate that you want to sell a car. He will then go to your vehicle for a walk-around to write down the license plate number and he will also leave a plastic “hat” on the vehicle in order to help the potential buyer find it.

After doing so, he will take you back inside the store where he will make a customer record for you which he will be sending later on to the buyer team. The appraisal process in most cases takes about 30-45 minutes and in the meantime the sales associate might want to show you some of the cars that they have up for sale, if you are interested of course. During this appraisal, the buyer will drive the car so don’t worry if it is not on the parking spot where you left it.

After the appraisal is over and the buyer entered an offer for the car, the sales associate will then re-open the customer record and show you the appraisal where you will see the scores which were assigned by the buyer to specific factors regarding the car, along with any potential damage, fraud, theft records applicable (or not) to the vehicle. Feel free to ask any questions regarding the appraisal.

After this is over, that sales associate will show you the offer and ask if you want to sell the vehicle to CarMax. That appraisal is valid for seven days which means that you are not obliged to give an answer right away. You can come back and decide later, within that seven day period. Once it expires, you will have to go through the entire process once again and there are no guarantees that you will get the same price for your car.

If you have decided to sell the vehicle, the following step depends upon if you want to buy another one. If not, the sales associate will guide you to the business office where another associate will handle the sale. If you do want to buy another car, that sales associate will have to take care of transferring the plates and other similar issues.

In most cases, CarMax offers a price below the one you will find in the Kelley Blue Book (KBB) private sales values taking into consideration that the company’s appraisal is a roughly calculated amount of what they think the car would sell for at a wholesale auction. In addition, the values are greatly affected by CarMax’s estimations regarding the market demand.

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