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How To Sell Car Via Craigslist

Selling a car on Craigslist can be one of the most profitable decisions you can make since it is one of the most popular sites for buyers and sellers alike. There are thousands of new visits each day as the number of number of Craigslist users increase exponentially. Think about how many viewers you can get per day if you’re doing a good job advertising your car. So let’s check out some of the best ways to sell the car and the requirements that come with them:

This first one is VERY important: research all laws related to car sales in the state you’re living. Get your hands on all the information regarding title transfer, registration, sales tax and other pertinent data. The tax collector’s office is a great place to start since he is the one that has registrations of every fee possible. Another place to visit is your local Department of Motor Vehicles.

Than you need to properly prepare the paperwork. You need to have the ownership title, the insurance card, and the vehicle history to show past events, accidents, repairs and such. Than research the price for the car. Head to one of the two best online price calculators: KBB or Edmunds. This will give you a good idea about the required price for the car.

Craigslist Car Selling

Ok than it’s time for a little photo session. But remember that taking photos of a dirty car aren’t exactly attractive so get cleaning. Remove all your personal belongings from the car (don’t forget about the glove box, trunk, or the center console). Don’t leave any stickers or other personalized objects on and inside the car, it might not look as elegant or as cool to the buyer. Ok now it’s time for the photo shoot. Remember, take at least 20 pictures of the car from all angles. Let the sun help you give the car a sparkling effect (as long as the car has been shined up well). Than select the best 6-8 pictures and prepare them for placing online. Very important: remember to protect your privacy by erasing any pertinent data that might help a stranger in finding details about your car. A simple program such as the Windows Paint is enough to put a black spot on the car’s registration number, which is for no one to see.

Now you’re ready to face Craigslist. Enter the free registration process and fill up the online form with all the contact info required: nickname, email, phone number etc. Than head to the “Common scams” section and start reading. There are a couple of techniques presented by Craigslist to avoid all scammers. Than feel free to go to your designated space and fill it up with all the info you feel is necessary for the car. Don’t forget the pictures. Place as many as you want, because nothing convinces a buyer more than a couple of decent pictures so that the one interested knows what he/she is dealing with.

Don’t sugar coat the ad, be honest because most people that enter Craigslist are experienced buyers that know loads about used cars (maybe a lot more than you) and can easily spot any damage that has been unreported. And once spotted, firstly, you make a fool out of yourself, the prospective buyer walks away, and even worse, he gives you a bad review that literally torches your chances to sell the car. So make the list of the positives and the negatives as thorough as possible without any discretion because the buyer will know.

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