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How Much Can I Sell A Used Car Engine For

It’s very likely you have an old engine car somewhere in your car garage. If that’s the case, then you shouldn’t throw it away even if it’s not working anymore, because there are ways to sell it for a good price. I bet you are wondering now for how much money you can sell a used car engine.

First of all I want to say that some of its value still exists and especially if you like to fix things or if you actually own a car repair shop, you will realize that it’s great option if you need a rebuilt engine in order to fix a car. Therefore, you can be sure you will find out there, people interested in buying a used car engine. So, if you want to make sure you will get the best possible price, you should clean the engine before making it available for sale. You can hose it down and clean it with a wire brush or use an air compressor. It doesn’t matter. All that matters is the end result that should be a used engine with no debris. If you don’t have either of those instruments you can consider visiting a DIY car wash where you will definitely be able to give the engine a good wash.

The amount of money you may get for the engine depends mostly on the engine’s brand and on its condition. Also important are the number of miles the engine has on board and the type of engine it is: a gas or a diesel version as well as the year of manufacture. To find out for how much you should sell the used engine, you should look for similar products available in salvage yards and get inspired by their prices. Other sources of comparison prices are websites like eBay and Craigslist which advertise car parts and the suppliers of rebuilt car engines. Once you determine some prices you can choose to list your used engine for the same price you discover on these websites, especially if it is in a great condition.

If you are interested in a quick sale, you should decide to sell the car engine to a salvage yard nearby, but you shouldn’t expect a high price, because the staff there is trying to make profit, so they will under price your product. But even so, you should expect to get for a used engine a price between $500 and $1,500 that will be offered by most salvage yards and by most buyers that browse online websites which sell car parts. The exact amount depends on how many cylinders the engine has, the horsepower it develops and its overall condition. The maximum price is usually paid for used engines that still work and for rebuilt engines.

Before accepting a certain offer you should check out salvage yards, where you will most likely be offered around 75% of the price you would like to get, auction and listing websites that have the advantage of an increased number of potential buyers. When you place an ad on such a website you should include pictures and details about the horsepower developed, the age, the mileage, the make and model, the number of cylinders and provide the VIN. Don’t forget about online companies and trade publications either. Companies like Used Car Parts Exchange or AutoMix will offer you the opportunity to sell the used engine directly to them or exchange it for one that you are interested in. Classified ads are also a possibility, so you should place one in the local newspaper.

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