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Sell A Car Fast

If you want to sell a car fast, let’s say in a week, you need to have some “inside information” and take all the right steps. You have to make the car appealing to buyers and in order to do that you need to know what buyers are usually looking for.

The most important factor that convinces a buyer to purchase a car is the balance between the price a seller asks them to pay and the overall condition of the car. Considering that a buyer can’t examine the car part by part, he will need you to provide some documents that can make him confident about the car’s condition. A buyer will mostly take interest in the fluid levels, the interior’s condition and in the documents that prove you’ve taken care of the basic maintenance issues. Therefore, if you want to sell the car fast you should take care of any problem mentioned that your car may have before you advertise it.

A solution that will ensure a fast car sale is offered by dealers. Even if the price offered for your used car will be less than you would want, if you want a quick sale that’s the best choice. However, you still have a chance to increase the price tag by calling more than one dealer. Once you find a dealer who’s interested in the car you can ask him to offer you a price point. After you gather all the answers you will just have to choose the best offer. If that’s not your favorite solution you can rely on dealers to help you sell a car fast by taking advantage of their “by consignment” option. That means you will park the car at the dealership and they will try to quickly find a buyer. When they manage to sell the car they will charge you a fee of around $300 or a fee that represents a percentage of the price paid by the buyer.

When setting the price you should pay attention to ads that refer to similar cars and include an asking price. By comparing the prices you will be able to make the buyer a competitive offer. For example you can look on eBay for completed auctions of vehicles similar to yours. You can also consider setting a price with 10% lower than the price charged for the same model by a dealer.

To sell the car fast you have to take care of the advertising and place ads in as many publications and public places as possible. Don’t forget about the online option either. There are websites that offer this opportunity free of charge, so why not take advantage of it? Make sure to include in your online ad a lot of pictures, especially if you pay for the advertising and highlight the car’s features in a professional description. You can even think about providing a car history report in order to accelerate the process and seal the deal. Be honest about the car’s condition, because otherwise you will be wasting your time and the time of a potential buyer that may discourage others as well.

Don’t forget about the traditional “FOR SALE” sign placed on the car either and even if you want to sell the car fast make sure you ask to see the driver license when a potential buyer wants to take the car for a test drive. Meet with him in public places. Don’t make mistakes just because you’re in a hurry because you risk being tricked and losing any chance of getting a fair deal.

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