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How To Sell A Car For Parts

If you ever considered about how to sell a car for parts, this situation usually occurs when the vehicle in cause is not working anymore and the owner of it wants to sell it (or at least some parts of it) in order to recuperate a part of his financial investment. If you are primarily looking to sell the entire car, it would be advisable to fix the inexpensive parts. The more working parts the car has, the bigger the chances of selling it. If you too are in this situation, the first place where you need to start looking is at junkyards.

Some of these junkyards will buy old and non-functional vehicles if these cars have a reasonable price. In the vast majority of the situations these junkyards will not give you just as much as an individual buyer because they will purchase it from you only to sell the parts to somebody else. Of course, we are talking about the parts that are still fully functional and can be saved. Despite this downside, this still is a good solid way of getting rid of your nonfunctional vehicle and save a couple of dollars.

Another way to go is by placing an ad on online classified websites for the car parts that you want to sell. These sites will cover just about every car part there is and you also have the possibility to place an ad for car parts that are no longer working. The reason to do so is because there are many people looking for defective car parts from which they want to take certain components that are still working. Of course, the price for a defective component must be very low so that the potential customer will want to get it.

A proven way to get rid of some of the parts is by picking up your local newspaper and look for people that want to buy certain parts. Also, get your local “Thrifty Nickel” ad book at your nearby gas station. If you are lucky enough to find someone who is interested in some parts that you have for sale, call them and set up a meeting. If they come and like what you have to offer, they might buy it. The price should be negotiable, especially if the car part is not very desirable. It is better to cut down the price; otherwise you will remain with the car part and not get anything for it.

If you have the time, put some flyers up in the local stores. The flyers should be made by using your computer and should contain a picture of the car and the price you want for it. Remember to add in the flyer that you sell the car for parts and that it is no longer functional. Of course, write down your phone number and if you want, the best time for people to call you.

Another good way of how to sell a car for parts would be by putting it up on eBay, or at least some parts of it. You have the possibility to sell the entire car (which would be the ideal situation) or take the parts yourself and sell them to different customers. Remember that you must pay the listing fees, but you will not have to worry about the shipping costs as the buyer will pay for them. For this reason, add the shipping costs into the final price of the car or parts of it.

Some people sell their non-functional cars at auctions. If you are willing to give this a try, talk to the organizers of the auctions and find out if they allow vehicles to be sold for parts. If they do, you should put the car up for bid. Before listing it, check out if the auction has the option of selling a reserve. This is highly recommended if you have a certain amount in mind from which you are not going to go below. By putting the car up for auction you will agree to the fact that some of the money you will earn for it will go as a commission fee.

If you are looking primarily for selling the entire car, you must draw the attention of the potential customers will attractive facts about the car, like clean title history or good crash-test results. Anything that you come up with (and true) will be to your advantage. If you do find someone that is willing to take the entire car, make sure that you have the title and the registration of the car ready as missing paperwork is a major kill-deal. If you have aftermarket parts, remember to include them in your flyer/ad.

When negotiating with a customer, make sure that you emphasize the good parts of the car without exaggerating. Remember to tell also what is wrong with it; a sincere seller has more chances of selling the product, regardless of its type. Although it is a non-functional vehicle, it should be washed, cleaned and waxed to make it more attractive in the eyes of potential buyers. If you don’t know what price to ask for it, look for similar ads and figure out how much money you will be charging for it, but remember to leave room for negotiation as customers expect you to be flexible with the price.

The choice is up to you to decide from one of the above methods. If you prefer to use the computer, list it on as many websites as you can. If you however like talking face-to-face, go to auctions, put flyers and other methods. It all depends on your available time and the amount of effort you are willing to invest in selling the car.

If all of the above don’t work and you are out of luck, your last method would be to donate the car for a tax write-off, but let’s hope that this situation will not occur.

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