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Sell Salvage Car

An insurance department usually decides that a car has become a salvage car when the expenses to use it or to repair it become too high. This is usually the result of a serious car accident or of an excessive wear. But you should know that there is still hope even for a salvage car. You can try to sell a salvage car for its parts or to someone interested in transforming it into a custom-made ride. The only places that can help you sell such a car are usually the specially licensed outlets.

Once you decide you want to sell your salvage car because you have no idea what else you can do with it, you will need to figure it if it’s better to sell it for parts or if it can still be repaired or modified you can try to find a person to restore it. Once you determine this aspect, you will be able to think of a “sale strategy” which works better in your case.

The next thing you should do is write proper advertisements that should be focused on the main features of the car. If you want to sell it for parts you should insist on the good condition of the parts and mention the make, the model, and the year of manufacture. That’s how you will get dealerships and salvage yards interested. If you think that the car has some original features that might convince a buyer to use it for creating a customized vehicle you can focus on those features.

Sell Salvage Car

You can also post some ads on different auction websites that promote the sell of salvage cars. This is a way to increase the number of potential buyers that can now be from all across the country. Moreover, this kind of advertisement is also free of charge. Once you get more than one person interested in buying you might be able to sell the car for a better price. To determine a fair price, the best option is to check the Kelley Blue Book as if the car wouldn’t have the salvage title attached. The money you will usually get for a salvage car will represent around 20% up to 70% from its Kelley Blue Book value. All you need to do is asses the car’s condition and establish a fair percentage.

Another way you can use the online resources is by searching the salvage yards that do business in the area where you live. Then, you should pay a visit to these places and display your salvage cars to them for an inspection. If you take the time to personally go at a salvage yard, you will be able to cover the local market while through the auction websites you cover a larger market.

Before finding a buyer you should also make sure that all the papers necessary for selling the salvage car are in order. If the car can be still driven on the road you need to make sure that you get the permission necessary to drive it anywhere you may have to. This permission comes in different forms in different states, but bottom line a special license is required to allow you drive the car once it has been declared salvage.

In the end, there is still a chance for you to sell your salvage car as long as you advertise it properly and put it for sale at a fair price. The law that determines a car is salvaged varies from state to state, but the ways you manage to sell it are the same.

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