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Selling Car Parts

Since the car market seems to be more alive and more active than ever due to the degrading economy, used car lives are extended more and more every year. No one feels like spending thousands of dollars on a new car so with much less invested they can have a decent, reliable used car that will get the job done. With the increase in demand for used cars, there has been an increased interest used car parts. So if you have a passion for cars, work a lot around a car and know the technical structure of the car, than you may very well be eligible for selling car parts.

Selling Car Parts

The very first thing you need to do is find a decent space where you can effectively store all your components. You might want to head out to a real estate agent to find a good deal on a commercial space to buy or rent.

Than you need to try your best to find the cheapest car parts you can find so that you can increase your profits. Head online and search for all the manufacturers and suppliers you can find. Make a list and start comparing prices. Divide the car into sections, mechanical, electrical, bodywork etc. and see which supplier can provide the best price for your each of your categories.

Be sure to know what are the most popular cars on the market. For those particular cars, you should purchase the parts directly from the manufacturers. But purchase intelligently, don’t overstock because you can always order other parts in case the demands is high and you see you’re running out. The best tactics are to focus in finding a market niche and specialize in that. It will reduce your competition considerably. Think about it, if you’re the sole supplier of antique car parts or collectible car pars than your business will flourish.

Make a slogan for your car parts store. Focus more on the important benefits that a buyers can have. Put in things like “fast delivery” or “reliability and warranty” and similar things. Try to make it more personal and attractive, not just something copied from the web. Show them that you care for your business. When you’re done expand it into an easily read marketing message that you can post around through articles, or brochures or even direct mail. Make it either very funny to be attractive or very “serious” standing for serious business.

One of the fastest method of information travel is online so building a website is just about the best advertising venture you can do. Try to make the site more interactive, not a simple table with lists and prices. If you don’t know how to do it, hire a professional designer that will add interactive elements like flash animations or cars and body parts and such.

Don’t add something off the subject on the website because people will simply think it’s one of those advertising websites and move on. So put only relevant information. A couple of useful tips are always appreciated. Try writing about maintenance and do-it-yourself repairs. Take and upload pictures of all the car parts alongside with a shopping cart so that a customer can purchase multiple components at once.

And the last thing you need, is signing up for a type of merchant account so that your website will be linked to one of the companies that allow payment by credit cards online. All you need to do is pay an application fee and a little paperwork.

Good luck and good business.

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