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Shipping A Car By Train

Gas is getting more and more expensive and the costs for trucking have risen in the last few years in US and Canada. Shipping a car by train is now a more affordable option and it is also a more energy efficient method in comparison to using a truck. With this article we’ll try to offer a few instructions regarding on how to prepare for this type of shipment.

First of all, we advise you to arrange the pick up at least 3 to 5 days in advance, although a full week is preferred. Allow the company anywhere from 3-25 days for delivery – these shipping companies will give you a time estimate and they will keep you updated with any changes that might occur in their schedule.  The United States and Canadian safety regulations say that you are obligated to remove any personal belongings from the vehicle. You’ll need to arrange to have the car picked up at a desired location or you could deliver it to the terminal yourself.

If you want to eliminate rental car hassles on vacations, we advise you to choose Amtrak’s Auto Rail service. You need to know that this type of service is offered at the moment along the route from Washington D.C. to Colorado, Florida. You have the possibility to take the car along if you are on the same train. If you choose this service, you will have to arrive at the station at least one hour early if you have a normal-sized vehicle and two hours if you own an oversized vehicle.

For shipping a car by train from the West coast to the Northeast, we recommend Autolog Auto Train. You can have your car shipped in an enclosed rail car. The starting price for this service is $750 and $100 more if you want the enclosed rail car.

For nationwide door-to-door pickup and delivery shipping services, go with Auto Transport by Rail. Similar to Autolog, they offer both regular and enclosed shipping. They use a combined truck and rail service that allows them to provide this service all across the US.

You can use Auto Rail Forwarders to have your car shipped anywhere in the US or Canada. This is one of the most experienced companies that offer rail shipment of personal business cars, and they provide both terminal-to-terminal and door-to-door shipping services. The company usually recommends the first method if you want to avoid the residential pick-up and delivery charges.

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