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Smart ForTwo to get four-seats version

Launched in 2004, the Smart ForFour was quite a failure for Mercedes, who withdrew the car from production two years later, in 2006. The end of this car, which shared its platform with the Mitsubishi Colt, also meant the end of Daimler’s partnership with the Japanese carmaker.

However, due to the Smart ForTwo’s success in the United States and with the small cars market growing a lot recently, it looks like Mercedes is planning on bringing back the four-doors, four-passenger smart. To be named Smart ForTwo +2 and most likely to debut in 2012, the new Smart will basically be a stretched version of the ForTwo and will compete against strong rivals, like the upcoming Audi A1 or the BMW Isetta. So, will Mercedes turn the new ForFour (or ForTwo +2, whatever you like to call it) a success? If they price it right, they might, who knows. What do you think?

Source: AutoExpress (Via RideLust)

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